High Impedance Surfaces

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HISs are proper candidates as antenna ground planes because of the nearly PMC behavior that they exhibit within certain frequency ranges. To our best knowledge we have, for the first time, proposed a wideband circularly symmetric HISs and also demonstrated that curvilinear antenna elements have better performance above circular HISs than rectangular HISs. This superiority is attributed mainly to the electric fields radiated by curvilinear antenna elements which interact more effectively and efficiently with circularly symmetric HIS ground planes. 

The superiorities of circular HISs over conventional rectangular counterparts, when used as ground planes for loop radiating elements, can be summarized as follows:

  • Wider operational bandwidth
  • More symmetric gain patterns (on different f planes)
  • Higher 3-dB broadside gain compared to PMC ground planes due to the reflection phase profile of the loop element waves radiated along the radial direction.