The EMAC Facility

A Floor Plan View of The EMAC Facility.

The ElectroMagnetic Anechoic Chamber (EMAC) is a 2,200 square foot facility that supports the research of faculty and graduate students by providing precision antenna and radar cross section measurements. In addition, the facility is a test-bed for a unique design in Compact Antenna Test Ranges (CATR).

With inside dimensions of 51 ft. (15.5m) by 26 ft. (7.9m) by 18 ft. (5.5m), ASU's EMAC facility has one of the largest university-based anechoic chambers in the United States. The shielded room is lined with microwave absorbing material to greatly reduce the reflections, or echoes, of the test signals inside. This controlled environment simulates the conditions of "free space" that are suitable for testing antennas and scattering targets.

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