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X-Window interface

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Xnews is an application that provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to the NEWS code. It makes it easier for a user who is not very familiar with the inner workings of the NEWS code to effectively use it. Xnews allows the user to input a number of parameters that are related to the electromagnetic problem under consideration, such as,

  • Input parameters: Allows the user to indicate the following parameters
    • Geometry file: In Anastasia format
    • Number of time steps
    • Truncation parameters: These could be either of the following
      • PML
      • MUR
    • Material Properties
    • Thin Wires
  • Pre-processing
    • Surface Currents: Extracts the surface from a given geometry
    • Rayleigh Number: Given a frequency of interest, outputs the Rayleigh number
  • Output parameters
    • Patterns
      • Far-field / RCS: Far-field and RCS are mutually exclusive
      • Near-field
    • Computation of Current Distribution
    • Output Currents vs Time
  • Electromagnetic problem: Could be either of the following two problems
    • Excitation Problem: Any one of the following three can be chosen at one time
      • Plane Wave
      • Antenna
      • Lightning
    • Coupling Problem
  • Post-processing: Post-processing is done after running a Coupling Problem
  • Viewing the processed data: The following two applications can be used for visualization
    • Plotmtv
    • Tecplot

Main Window of Xnews
(Click each button to get mapped to the figure !)

X-Window interface

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